Tag: Religion

Take it Outside

Practicing religion in public, by Jennifer Scheper Hughes, James Kyung-Jin Lee, Amanda Lucia, and S. Romi Mukherjee.

Alien Apostles

When missionaries landed on native California, by Katie Dorame.

The Spirit of the Dream Dance

Watching my traditions change, by Greg Sarris.

How Berkeley Made the Old Testament New

Liberating a new translator of the Hebrew Bible, by Robert Alter.

Four Prophets

What the Free Speech Movement, Jesus Freaks, Esalen, and Goddess worship have in common, by Philip Clayton.

Golden State of Grace?

A lifetime scholar of religion surveys California spirituality, by Lois Ann Lorentzen.

Jesus on LSD

When California blotter acid got religion, by Jason Sexton

A New African Revival Comes to Orange County

The postcolonial cosmopolitan future of evangelism, by Jim Hinch.

Thinking Outside the Mosque

by Anna Challet from Boom Winter 2015, Vol 5, No 4 On learning to be Muslim in America If the […]