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Anthropologist as Court Jester: Civil Disobedience and The People’s Café

Nancy Scheper-Hughes “Just remember, Nancy, that you and I are just ‘passing’ as academics.” —George A. DeVos (“the Fox” in […]


A Boom Interview: Kevin Starr

Kevin Starr Editor’s note: Narrator of the desires that gave California rise and the experiences of countless Californians, Kevin Starr […]

Front of temple looking at one of the faces of Tlaloc, Mexican god of rain and harvest.

Monumental Hydraulics: Diego Rivera’s Lerma Waterworks and the Water Temples of San Francisco

Rafael Tiffany Susan Moffat The water pouring readily out of our private faucets is a modern production that belies the […]


Greystone Chapel

by Jason Sexton Finding freedom inside Folsom Prison’s walls From Boom Summer 2016, Vol 6, No 2 Johnny Cash’s May 1968 album, At […]

Block-by-block in a changing Los Angeles neighborhood.

Mapping the New Landscape of Religion

Block-by-block in a changing Los Angeles neighborhood.


Our Lady of La Vang

A Vietnamese Virgin Mary made in California, by Thien-Huong T.Ninh.


Dancing with a Ghost

A Cambodian exorcism in Oakland, by Russell Jeung.


Take it Outside

Practicing religion in public, by Jennifer Scheper Hughes, James Kyung-Jin Lee, Amanda Lucia, and S. Romi Mukherjee.


Alien Apostles

When missionaries landed on native California, by Katie Dorame.


The Spirit of the Dream Dance

Watching my traditions change, by Greg Sarris.