Tag: Literature

Planet of the Future

The Boom interview: Kim Stanley Robinson

Dances with California

Brenda Hillman’s Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire.

LA’s Thirsty Muse

Poets capture the conflicted centenary of the LA Aqueduct in 14 sonnets.

Reading for Liberalism

Before there was Boom or Sunset, there was the Overland Monthly. Its editors hoped it would help transform California’s social landscape.

What We Are Reading

A new collection of short stories by Andrew Lam features surprising Vietnamese-American voices.

The Master of Nasty

Raymond Chandler’s brand of California noir is so down and so dark that it’s positively inspiring and elevating.

The Invasion of Echo Park

“There is no ‘authentic’ culture or neighborhood for these characters…” Hsuan Hsu reviews The Madonnas of Echo Park.

Place, Poetry, and the Sunset Western Garden Book

Louis and Spring Warren sit down with poet Gary Snyder to talk about how he became a Californian and what the future holds for West Coast poetry.

Walking East of West LA

Lynell George discusses how Kevin McCollister’s photos of East LA reveal the conundrum that LA is both destination and dream.