Tag: Latinx

Serigrafia: A Reflection

Posters, art, and the Chicana/o consciousness.


Constructing the Chicana/o imaginary.

The Accidental Archives of the Royal Chicano Air Force

There is a group of pilot-artists, largely unknown yet renowned for their fleet of adobe airplanes and their key role in the Chicano civil rights movement.

Echoes of Magón

Rubén Martínez on the politics of hope in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Blood and Sand

Rubén Martínez on his time with the Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad.

El Grito and the Tea Party

Less than a month after California’s hotly contested midterm election in November 2010, the Sacramento Bee reported that local Tea Party activists had begun gathering signatures for a ballot measure modeled after Arizona’s notorious SB 1070

Interview with Yolanda Cruz

Miroslava Chávez-García sits down with Yolanda Cruz to talk about filmmaking, her indigenous origins as a Chatino (one of sixteen indigenous groups in Oaxaca, Mexico), and her views of indigenous peoples.

Images from the Central Valley

Photographs and oral histories document the Central Valley’s environmental-health problems and the diverse network of advocates who are fighting to solve them.