Tag: History

Opening Up the Archives

A new digital platform for LA Aqueduct history.

Camera Obscura

A photographic history of the LA Aqueduct.

The Owens Valley Timeline

The Los Angeles Aqueduct’s impact on the Owens Valley through time.

Learning from the Aqueduct

It’s getting harder to sell the future in California.

There It Is. Take It.

Mulholland gave LA water and a motto to live by.

Villain and Visionary

Why we can’t agree on William Mulholland.

An Athlete Dying Young

The starter called, “Come to your marks!” and I knelt at the blocks for the finals of the Class C seventy-five-yard dash at the 1952 Kern Relays.

Origins of the LA Riots

The 1992 Los Angeles riots had roots not in Rodney King but in a killing that brought three very different women to a violent intersection a year earlier.

Reading for Liberalism

Before there was Boom or Sunset, there was the Overland Monthly. Its editors hoped it would help transform California’s social landscape.

The LA That Might Have Been

Game-changing proposals that could have transformed Los Angeles, but were never built.