Tag: Environment

For the Birds

Remaking a place for nature at Owens Lake.

Water and Power

The Boom interview: Ron Nichols, Department of Water and Power.

WUI Space

It’s fire season in California. Do you know where your home is along the wildland-urban interface?

California Damming

Howard Hendrix on manufactured lakes and the reproduction of nature.

Water into Wine

Thomas C. Moran with an in-depth look at river planning in Sonoma County, and balancing a fragile natural equilibrium.

Stewart Brand

Stuart Kendall sits down with noted activist Stewart Brand to discuss the science and social science behind climate change.

The Wilderness Paradox

Michael Ziser discusses environmental ethics and a new vision of public land, in the context of three books on the topic.

Tahoe Blue

Scott Herring explores both sides of the conversation between environment and humanity that is Tahoe.

Backs to the Well

Michael Ziser discusses the relationship between water and California, in the context of three recent books on the topic.