Tag: Culture

Postcards From the Future

Scenes from the utopian north and dystopian south.

Future of the University

How the university engage with society in 2050?

Speculative Infrastructures

Reading our present dilemmas in science fiction’s past.

The Future of Futurism

A view from the garden, looking to the stars.

A Disincorporation Story

Are new cities in California, like Jurupa Valley, a thing of the past?

The Atlas of California: Mapping the Challenge of a New Era

Explore Richard Walker and Suresh Lodha’s new atlas, which shows a new California in the making. It maps the economic, social, and political trends of a state struggling to maintain its leadership and to continue to offer its citizens the promise of prosperity.

David H.  Breaux: Action for Compassion

From Boom Summer 2013, Vol. 3, No. 2 By Ami Sommariva Since 2009, David H. Breaux has stood for compassion, […]

Salsa Rules

It takes two to tango, but LA-style salsa demands much more: at least one well-heeled pair of dancers and an admiring audience.

The World in the Curl

A new history of surfing captures the paradoxes and contradictions of this iconic California sport and points a longboard toward the future.