Tag: Culture

Putting LA Back Together

It isn’t easy to jack-hammer through LA’s glossy surface-story, and then put it back together.

Jews in the L.A. Mosaic

An intriguing new exhibit at the Autry National Center features an interactive element that promises to continue to surprise.

Ikea-fying Los Angeles

Neighborhood change is incremental until it isn’t. Alex Schmidt on financing the familiar.

That Lonesome Whistle

Elliot Gorn on why to listen to country music while driving around Los Angeles

From Ghost World to Your World

An interview with Academy Award nominated artist and graphic novelist Daniel Clowes.

Constructing the Edge

Anthony Raynsford charts the history and evolution of architectural education in this review essay of the new collection Design on the Edge

War Furniture

Jason Weems on the influence of husband and wife design team Charles and Ray Eames, and the place of their work in postwar California culture.

The Quotidian Patio

Regular Boom columnist Susan Straight on the nostalgia of The Outdoor Room.

Off the Grid

This is the state we’re in—the California that people love to jeer in a perennial way, the one they used to say would be “the first failed state!”…

Boom Review in Library Journal

Boom has received praise from the prestigious publication Library Journal.