Tag: Art

Screen Captures: Americans on Google Street

Doug Rickard is a photographer from Sacramento whose project “A New American Picture” incorporates images of contemporary American Life.

Assembly Required: The Desert Cure

“Situating his masterpiece in the desert provided…a metaphor for both devastation and restoration.” Rubén Martínez discusses Noah Purifoy.

Stages of Learning

The Teaching Artist Project powerfully demonstrates that hope and resilience can be stimulated by the arts.

From Ghost World to Your World

An interview with Academy Award nominated artist and graphic novelist Daniel Clowes.

Constructing the Edge

Anthony Raynsford charts the history and evolution of architectural education in this review essay of the new collection Design on the Edge

War Furniture

Jason Weems on the influence of husband and wife design team Charles and Ray Eames, and the place of their work in postwar California culture.

Pay Me No Mind

Jim Hinch relates the story of two LA artists, their surface likenesses, and the story told by their differences.


With words and stark photos, Matt Black tells the story of the region recently named the poorest congressional district in the nation.

Art in the Land

Alex Schmidt takes a tour of the Jackrabbit Homestead, and attempts to find meaning in a place said to have none. Photographs by Kim Stringfellow

Walking East of West LA

Lynell George discusses how Kevin McCollister’s photos of East LA reveal the conundrum that LA is both destination and dream.