Interview with Yolanda Cruz

Miroslava Chávez-García sits down with Yolanda Cruz to talk about filmmaking, her indigenous origins as a Chatino (one of sixteen indigenous groups in Oaxaca, Mexico), and her views of indigenous peoples.


With words and stark photos, Matt Black tells the story of the region recently named the poorest congressional district in the nation.

Life of the Party

Regine Basha discusses cultural clashes and modernism, set to a soundtrack of Middle Eastern folk music.

Anti-Democracy in California

A prescient message about the California constitution…from the 1911 New York Times

Framing Farm Labor

Michael Ziser examines the notions of visibility and invisibility, and California’s relationship to twentieth-century visual technologies.

Place, Poetry, and the Sunset Western Garden Book

Louis and Spring Warren sit down with poet Gary Snyder to talk about how he became a Californian and what the future holds for West Coast poetry.

Bird Proud

Susan Straight discusses the iconic Proud Bird restaurant, and tells a story of family and belonging. (Proud Bird X-1 image courtesy of Telstar Logistics)

Art in the Land

Alex Schmidt takes a tour of the Jackrabbit Homestead, and attempts to find meaning in a place said to have none. Photographs by Kim Stringfellow

KWXY, AM 1340, Cathedral City

Josh Kun takes us on a drive through the desert and learns how music allows the past to outlive itself. With photographs by Jeff Conlin.

The Wilderness Paradox

Michael Ziser discusses environmental ethics and a new vision of public land, in the context of three books on the topic.