California Damming

Howard Hendrix on manufactured lakes and the reproduction of nature.

From Ghost World to Your World

An interview with Academy Award nominated artist and graphic novelist Daniel Clowes.

Water into Wine

Thomas C. Moran with an in-depth look at river planning in Sonoma County, and balancing a fragile natural equilibrium.

The People’s Sidewalks

The movement to design wheelchair routes on the streets of Berkeley echoed the larger political spirit of the time. Bess Williamson discusses.

Stewart Brand

Stuart Kendall sits down with noted activist Stewart Brand to discuss the science and social science behind climate change.

Constructing the Edge

Anthony Raynsford charts the history and evolution of architectural education in this review essay of the new collection Design on the Edge

War Furniture

Jason Weems on the influence of husband and wife design team Charles and Ray Eames, and the place of their work in postwar California culture.

Kelly Goto

Emily Cotler profiles mobile tech pioneer Kelly Goto, one of the industry’s leading experts in the evolution of connections.

The Quotidian Patio

Regular Boom columnist Susan Straight on the nostalgia of The Outdoor Room.

Architecture and Social Justice

David Serlin on bridging disability rights with the egalitarian and modernist principles of Universal Design.