Category: Reviews

The World in the Curl

A new history of surfing captures the paradoxes and contradictions of this iconic California sport and points a longboard toward the future.

Arts for the City

A new history explores how an official city arts commission supported daring artists and vibrant arts movements in “The City,” San Francisco.

Down by the Bay

A new book by historian Matthew Booker demonstrates the law of unintended consequences in our own backwaters and backyards.

A Moment for Diebenkorn

Twenty years after his death, a big moment has finally arrived for artist Richard Diebenkorn with two major exhibits and two new, lavishly produced books.

Boom Time?

The Columbia Journalism Review says the best academics and smartest journalists should be natural allies in the effort to bring new ideas to the public square.

Songs in the Key of L.A.

Josh Kun has mined the sheet music collection of the Los Angeles Public Library to create a multiplatform musical love affair with the city of angels.

What We Are Reading

A new collection of short stories by Andrew Lam features surprising Vietnamese-American voices.

The Invasion of Echo Park

“There is no ‘authentic’ culture or neighborhood for these characters…” Hsuan Hsu reviews The Madonnas of Echo Park.

Honey Pies and Aquadettes

Profiling California Is a Place, the award-winning video series from directors Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari

Constructing the Edge

Anthony Raynsford charts the history and evolution of architectural education in this review essay of the new collection Design on the Edge