Category: Reviews

California from a Different Angle

Mike Miller  A review of Fred B. Glass, From Mission to Microchip: A History of the California Labor Movement. Oakland: […]

The Great Thirst

A critical appreciation of Norris Hundley, Jr., by Jon Christensen

Saving a Piece of the Fair

New books on the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, reviewed by Elizabeth Logan.

The Atlas of California: Mapping the Challenge of a New Era

Explore Richard Walker and Suresh Lodha’s new atlas, which shows a new California in the making. It maps the economic, social, and political trends of a state struggling to maintain its leadership and to continue to offer its citizens the promise of prosperity.

Dances with California

Brenda Hillman’s Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire.

Man with a Mission

Junípero Serra at the Huntington Library through January 6.

Growing the California Dream

Trees in Paradise: A California History by Jared Farmer reviewed.