Category: Photography/Art

Aqueduct Archives Slideshow

A slideshow from the Los Angeles Aqueduct Digital Platform telling the story of the aqueduct through the eyes of those who built it.

Aqueduct Road Trip Slideshow

Take a road trip along the aqueduct two years after it was built through a photo album and musical accompaniment from 1915.

An Aqueduct Road Trip, 1915

We discovered this photo album in the Huntington Library archives.

Camera Obscura

A photographic history of the LA Aqueduct.

All Along the Aqueduct

Water is vital, but it plays a key role in the social life of residents too.

Help Us Solve a Mystery?

We asked readers to help us solve an aquatic conundrum for a forthcoming issue and they delivered.

Spirits of Guasti

Is it a ghost town when haunting and beautiful stone buildings sit between two of the busiest freeways in California?

Pay Me No Mind

Jim Hinch relates the story of two LA artists, their surface likenesses, and the story told by their differences.


With words and stark photos, Matt Black tells the story of the region recently named the poorest congressional district in the nation.